How to Get Through Economic Collapse and Hyperinflation. | Chat with Star Path Academy.

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Arpad of Star path Academy. We went over Arpad and his family’s experience in post-communist Romania in the 1990s and what they had to cope with during that tumultuous period of change.
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Today we will touch upon the nature of money and why it’s more than just an economic instrument. We will reference a couple of essays that I think are important in understanding the role of gold and silver in a free society. I will also recommend Murray Rothbard’s “What Has Government Done to Our Money”.

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Today I spoke with John Titus of Best Evidence about the Fed’s policy of Going Direct and how it was drawn up by high-level financiers at BlackRock back in August of 2019. John thinks this new strategy of Going Direct is part of a greater coup d’état by the bankers for control of the world population through Central Bank Digital Currencies or CBDCs.