One of the Key Ingredients of Hyperinflation Is Flaring Up In Europe

Today we will touch upon what, in our opinion, is one of the key ingredients of hyperinflation and that is the loss of faith and confidence in the mechanisms of the state. To us, it looks like the large demonstrations and protests that we have been seeing in Europe are not abating and even the corporate media can no longer ignore it.

Our conclusion is that the breakdown of the social contract between the public and the state is what also leads to the loss of faith and confidence in the fiat currency.

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Today we will touch upon the treasury bond market as Federal Reserve Presidents are now warning that all is not well in this very important market. Treasuries are at the base of the fiat currency system and set the tone for all asset markets.

Our conclusion is that we will eventually see gold and silver re-emerge as the ultimate safe-haven assets as the fiat currency system teeters on the edge.

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Today we will look at how economic uncertainty is being created by government policy all around the world. We are not sure what the exact end game to all that is going is but our opinion is that the public will be used as a scapegoat to a possible economic implosion.

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Today we will look at the dollar index and talk about its recent strength and why, in our opinion, one should not get distracted by dollar strength. Our take is that all fiat currencies, dollar included, will ultimately sink to the bottom versus gold and silver.