Shocking Meltdown in Treasury Yields Overnight as Currency Reset Intensifies

Maneco64 – March 6th, 2020 – Today I look at where the price could go in order to complete the financial or currency reset that we have been under since the year 2000.
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Today I go over the importance of the repo market for the running of the financial system and how the troubles that started in September of 2019 remain and are actually getting worse. In this report, I explain how the environment of rapidly declining yields and interest rates only exacerbate the problems in the financial markets as the Wall Street institutions increase their reliance on leverage.

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Today I give my opinion on the evolving crisis we are seeing spread all around the world in the last six weeks. My view is that the Powers That Be will exploit the crisis to bring about a new financial and monetary system. This crisis will be the excuse for the Globalists to do things the general public would normally not accept and it will help them take the spotlight away from the root of many of the problems facing the world. That root is, of course, the unsustainable debt-based monetary system the set off with the breakout of World War One back in 1914.

My conclusion is that as individuals we can only be aware of what is going on and try our best to look after our families and friends in our immediate communities.

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This is an emergency report on the financial markets as the U.S. Central Bank or the Federal Reserve cut the target for the Fed Funds rate by 50 basis points to 1% in an emergency meeting. Even though this rate cut was not unexpected the size of the cut was a surprise and means we could see the Fed FUnds target now drop to zero before the end of March.

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Today I look at how the dollar as measured per the dollar index looks set to resume its long term downward trend. The long term cycle for the dollar index points to an all-time low some time towards the middle of the decade. We also look at the technical picture for the S & P 500 index and what we think could happen over the next few weeks and months.

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Today I look at how the stock markets have reacted to the Bank of Japan’s announcement overnight that they will provide stimulus and support to the stock markets. There are now expectations that not only the BOJ but all the other major Central Banks will act to try and stop the market meltdown that started about a week ago. My conclusion is that the Central Bankers are now fighting a losing battle in terms of reviving the world economy and that their desperate actions might help stocks but will do very little to revive the animal spirits of consumers in the short term.

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Today we will look at how in our current debt-based fiat currency system faith and confidence in the system are paramount as participants need to believe that debt will be able to be paid back. Since the early 1980s, the system has grown and investors and borrowers have been willing to play the game as Central Bankers have been able to convince people that they will always be able to write off large debts by inflating financial asset prices.

The last week of February 2020 could mark the end of this cycle of endless debt growth and inflating asset prices as it looked like investors are starting to lose faith in the Central Banks being able to inflate asset prices forever.

The precipitous drop in stock prices all around the world in the last week of February 2020 does not bode well for the debt-based or credit-based system going forward.

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Today I look back at a historic week and month for the stock markets, the bond markets and precious metals. After having made all-time highs only a couple of weeks prior the stock market dropped almost 20% from the top in a week that marked five straight days of losses for the Dow and the S & P 500 index.

Even though the gold price climbed to almost $1700 at the start of the week it also fell victim to the stock market meltdown as speculators and traders threw the baby out with the bathwater so to speak on Friday.

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Today I look at the recent developments in the stock market and talk about the fact that I have not seen this kind of continued drop before and I have been in the markets since the late 1980s. It seems like the Buy the Dip strategy has disappeared for now. Many of my viewers are asking why our favourite currencies gold and silver are not performing as one would expect. My opinion is that what we are seeing right now in terms of precious metals price action is noise. I point out that in terms of gold the Dow is down almost 17% YTD.

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In this report, I look at how the stock markets have been and continue to be in meltdown mode since the beginning of the week (Monday, February 24, 2020) as investors and speculators come to the realisation that the crisis emanating from China could have a huge impact on the world economy and consequently the financial markets. This morning as I made this report the Dow futures was down about 400 points despite President Trump’s announcement last night that he had put VP Pence in charge of managing the crisis.

Today I will also reference “The Fifth Risk” by Michael Lewis and “The Energy Non-Crisis” by Lindsey Williams.