Socialism and Inflation Are Throttling the Country

Today we will look briefly at why Socialism is anathema to individual freedom, free markets, and prosperity. We will also see how fiat currency inflation is a paramount ingredient for statists and their socialist policies.
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Today we will look at why, in my opinion, the bull market in commodities that started off the March 2020 bottom is far from over. We will look at the energy sector and in particular nuclear energy and uranium.

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Today we will look at the topic of reverse repos and depository institutions parking trillions of dollars at the Federal Reserve. We will reference an opinion piece by E.J. Antoni from Fox News in which he explains that with rising rates the roughly $6 trillion being parked in the Fed’s balance sheet is now a huge problem. My conclusion is that Ben Bernanke has been the architect of the current massive problems facing the Fed and the world for that matter.

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Today we will be going over the origins of the Dollar Index or DXY and why it is a distraction and a horrible hedge against fiat currency debasement.

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Today I had the pleasure to talk with Mike for the Mike & Mario show. We covered many of the current economic, financial, and geopolitical topics. We looked at how gold and silver have been making good progress as the Fed and other central banks have shown to always be there to come to the rescue when crises demand.