Glitch In The Code with Max Igan

Its been a while!, I have been busy helping to launch the brand new platform with Jaymie and Gareth Icke to counter the new COPPA legislation of Youtube. Our aim is to create a sold industry and platform for all researchers of alternative media. In this brand new episode I got to sit down with the incredible MAX Igan of The Crow House to discuss how this one world government is now rolling out its One World Agenda for us all to see, without even trying to hide it now. With the recent revelations even in the mainstream media of Jeffery Epstein and his relationship with Prince Andrew and Harvey Weinstein shinning a light on Hollywood! The powers that WE ALLOW TO BE are quickly censoring Youtube and ushering in 5G and The Smart Grid.

In this podcast we discuss everything from the new YOUTUBE legislation that is COPPA, 5G and its Milli meter Wave Technology, Smart Grids and the surveillance of 5G and its effect on the human soul and body. We also discuss the pedophile rings within Hollywood, big business and the royal blood lines and much much more.

This is one big corporate government that is truly ushering in 1984 and a One World Order by 2030. Time to wake up kids, the real fight has begun. Our world is run by pedophiles and criminals and we must stop it today!!