The New Normal is Abnormal

The Crowhouse – May 12th, 2020
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A gift to you all with love. Our home and its people are wonderful, diverse, truly beautiful. Imagery and Editing by Luminous Sea

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Terrorism – “Violence, or the threat of violence, carried against civilians as a means of coercion, often for political reasons” – The Oxford English Dictionary – There are no words to describe or to justify the actions of these mentality inept state sponsored shitstains. All I can say is to hell with the psychopath masquerading as the Premier of NSW, along with the low life thugs, morons and child abusing sociopaths she employs as “police”. These people deserve no respect nor obedience. Such gangs of uniformed lawless thugs are a danger to society and should not be free to roam the streets terrorizing others. This is also why protesting on the streets is the wrong approach. The best form of protest is non compliance and community support at a local level. Don’t “protest” just Disconnect!
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Hmm… maybe they know something…?
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