The Truth Trap

A more coherent explanation of events The key is, that you create that which you search for. A search engine does not just record what you are searching for, it records what you are thinking about and what you want to see. Therefore it can provide the information needed to create a perfect virtual world, and you wont even know you’re in it.

Something else I have noticed that I forgot to mention is they were not able to try this with me until after I had appeared on camera…. hmmm…

With deep fake tech they could have me on as a self proclaimed flat earther who thinks he is the second coming, so if you ever see me making any such claims, you know it Ive been replaced. And I’m writing this here below because I didn’t want to say it in the video.

The Predator Mind:

(and, for the more conspiratorially minded, no, that wasn’t me “making a 666 sign”, I was just emphasizing a point. what can I say? I speak with my hands. deal with it)

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Sorry if I upset you but it is what it is. huge love to all my brothers and sisters


more to come… much, much more

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