Keiser Report: Daylight Robbery

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the signs that all that is make-believe is about to get real; from the enormous debts backing the ‘earningless’ bull market rally and the fiat currency grid meeting the harsh reality of nations making demands for gold repatriation, the latest being Slovakia. In the second half, Max interviews Dominic Frisby about the history of taxes as outlined in his new book, DAYLIGHT ROBBERY. They discuss the history of taxation; from Mesopotamia to modern day France and the Yellow Vest movement. They also look at having a land value tax instead of income tax, which Frisby suggests is the worst of all options.
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Max and Stacy discuss the signs that Tesla is betting on a world in which nation states fail as the company invests in electric trucks, solar panels, flame throwers, satellites, and missions to Mars. Max interviews Abraham Cambridge of the Sun Exchange about solar powered money and bringing solar power to schools and small businesses in South Africa.