Keiser Report: Debt, cryptocurrencies & salsa

In this episode of the Keiser Report from Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, Max and Stacy ask, ‘Oye como va?’ as they listen to the rhythm of the survivors of PROMESA and Hurricane Maria. In the second half, Max interviews lawyer, John Mudd, about the role of the state power company, PREPA, in the island’s debt problems. Mudd also mentions the matter of ‘statehood’ and what that would even give the people of Puerto Rico.

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Max and Stacy discuss the ‘rent is too damn high’ activism moving past polite and into direct confrontation with the ‘gentrifiers.’ Max continues his interview with Jameson Lopp of about the latest developments in the bitcoin space. They delve deeper into the 50 forks of bitcoin and look back on 2017 and the Summer of Fork.