Keiser Report: MAGA for US Stock Markets

In this episode of Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the plunging commodity markets across the world and the limit down tumbles in many Chinese indices as the coronavirus fear grips Asia. In the meantime, Trump delivers the state of the union amidst an ongoing market euphoria in which, for the first time ever, there are four companies worth over $1 trillion: Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon . . . aka MAGA. In the second half, Max interviews Randy Voller, the former head of the North Carolina Democratic Party, to find out his thoughts on the Iowa fiasco in which no clear winner emerged but one big loser did: the Democratic Party leadership. The mysterious company behind the app which caused the chaos has created a crisis in the party, and how will that be remedied before the New Hampshire primary next week? Tune into hear what Randy Voller has to say on this.