Keiser Report: Trump’s Twist To ‘Madman Policy’

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss Donald Trump’s unique twist to the ‘madman policy’ which was first weaponised by President Nixon in his dealings with both North Vietnam and the Soviet Union. In the second half, Max interviews 15-year-old Python coder, Oliver Morris, about his crypto journey which began at the age of eight when he first heard about bitcoin on the Keiser Report. Seven years later, Oliver is being homeschooled so that he can concentrate his learning on a field for which he is passionate – cryptocurrency. These days Oliver is part of the ‘dev team’ working on MaxCoin, a small market cap with big tech including SHA-3 and Schnorr Signatures. This ‘alt-coin’ has provided the perfect sandbox to do a deep dive into blockchain technology.