Keiser Report: ZIRP, Then NIRP in 2019

In this third of three New Year’s specials of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy make predictions for 2019: In terms of the US domestic politics, it will be the year of the great scramble to become the Democratic nominee to run against Donald Trump in 2020. They ponder whether or not Hillary will run again and whether or not #Medicare4All will be the biggest issue on the left. They also discuss the opioid epidemic and whether or not those ‘deaths of despair’ will finally slow down. In the second half, Max interviews guests for their 2019 predictions: Mitch Feierstein predicts ZIRP (zero interest rates policy), then NIRP (negative interest rates policy) as corporate debt and the EU implode and the yuan is devalued. Dan Collins of predicts 2019 can possibly, at long last, be the year in which the Chinese economy actually does fall apart. Many big names in finance have predicted it over the past decade, but Dan thinks the corporate and household debt may finally catch up with the economy. Will the Chinese government force the zombie corporations and banks to die? Or will they prop them up as Japan chose to do? And what is in store for the Belt and Road Initiative and the trade war it has inspired with the US?