Meet William Rodriguez Last Man Out Of The Twin Towers On September 11th 2001

September 08, 2007 C-SPAN News – World Trade Center Survivor

Ed Asner introduced William Rodriguez, who criticized the current war in Iraq, and said he believes all the facts about the September 11 attacks have never been revealed.

William Rodriguez talked about surviving the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. He was a janitor on duty that morning, and he described how he re-entered the Towers three times after the first impact on the North Tower to rescue others. He is believed to be the last person to exit the North Tower alive, surviving the building’s collapse by diving beneath a fire truck. After receiving medical attention at the site for his injuries, he continued to volunteer. He talked about his skepticism of the official reports of the attacks. He also showed photographs of himself taking his story to other countries.

This event at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church also promoted his film, The Last Man Out.

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