Looks into the Great Reset & The Dark Winter . . . AMERICAN PSYCHOS

From the planned destabilization of the Middle East, which would include the attacks of September the Eleventh to the creation and funding of ISIS, the American Psycho Ruling Elite have been willing participants.

This would be true of Britain’s, Israel’s, and Saudi Arabia’s elite as well. Most of the world’s political class in conjunction with Wall Street, Multinational Corporations, the various Industrial Complexes, World Financial Institutions like the IMF, Bank Of International Settlements, and the Federal Reserve, etc, etc, are of a completely corrupt nature.

Many Americans still believe in the Myth Of America, in the sovereignty of America, it is not sovereign it is part of an order of Psychos that thrive on war, terrorism, and people’s fear.

If our world is in crisis the crucible of blame should be laid upon their feet. From the Manchurian Candidate Mass Murders like James Holmes to Manufactured Terrorism like 9/11.

To those of you who can see, to those of you who have removed your rose colored glasses of conditioning, despair not. For the light of truth has a way of reaching into even the most closed and conditioned of minds.

The American Psychos have sold out for various reasons, greed, fears of their own and so on. People who have their eyes Wide Shut also have their reasons for denying the truth, but because their lives are also being negatively impacted by our corrupt ruling class, they will begin to take notice.

Ever so slowly the truth will take hold, the dots will be connected, and the AMERICAN PSYCHOS will be rooted out by the people who share and believe in the “American Dream”, stay steadfast and strong . . .