The Mob On Steroids (the rise of the zionist state)

When I say the mob on steroids I am talking about power and what’s called the ruling elite, the aristocrats, royalty, empire and so on.

Who do the elite rule over? The peasants, the common man, the people, the masses, the pawns in the struggle for power. This is the natural order of things on this earth, this planet.

What makes humanity divine (so to speak) is that we as a species question the natural order of things, i.e. religion, humanitarianism, spiritualism, civilization, etc, etc. Rather we have the capacity to question!

This questioning is what constitutes truth, for power is ruthless, and to question power is to expose their ruthlessness. What I have done ever since I can remember is question power, or in reality life itself.

To the powerful the philosopher is seen as dangerous, and subversive, Jesus Christ, or Malcolm X are both good examples of subversives. You really don’t have to guess why both of these men were crucified and hated.

The most organized, at this time in history, of the elite are the Zionist Jews, they took over (so to speak) humanity’s or rather the elite’s organized crime syndicates. This is what JFK was talking about when he spoke truth to power in his secret society speech; by the way Kennedy was another “subversive”.…

All is not hopeless or nihilistic in my perceptions of our world, no quite the contrary. The very thing that makes our world complicated, or ugly as it pertains to our species, is the very thing that makes us responsible for what and who we are. Unlike let us say the great apes, rats, or trees for that matter.

That thing, is our capacity to change, to question ourselves, and the way we behave. Within this capacity lies the potential to change our world for the better.

What gives me hope, is that power presently hides itself in a facade of false flags, victim hood and good works, i.e. the war on terror.

This is a sea change compared to the old days of Attila the Hun, or the Roman Empire. No, what we have today, is empire or power elitism by stealth. The people’s consciousness has changed enough to where the power elite, can no longer declare themselves an empire upon which the sun never sets.

There are those whom will most likely flag this essay as hate speech or Anti Semitic, and that is quite telling in and of itself, as to who and what constitutes the power elite today, or what I call


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We, all of us, are just people on this planet, in an environment that tells us to be selfish and self-centered, and this as individuals is something we must work against not only outside ourselves, but most importantly within ourselves. All major religions in their essence tells us to fight against selfishness.

Jewish people are just like the rest of us, they are just better organized at getting what they want. Once you see this the rose colored glasses come off. The mirror is key in all of this, what you value in your heart is your essence, and who you will become in life, (I am talking about your character) and perhaps what you may carry into the next . . .


Your reality has been created for you, by the Zionist controlled media. Israel is in big trouble, because of the brutal way in which it was created. The land the Zionists occupy (all of Palestine) was stolen from its mostly Arab population . . .