Call To Action: Church Security in Sutherland Springs, TX

On Wed. Nov. 8, Associate Pastor Kevin Cornelius from First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, TX and Pastor Mark Collins (who used to be pastor at the church) reached out to Oath Keepers and asked us to provide security for the church grounds, for the church service on Sunday, 11/12, and for some of the funerals for those killed in Sunday’s mass shooting. In response, Oath Keepers has been on the ground at the church since Thursday, November 9 and is already bringing in some of our most experienced police and military veterans. We need skilled, trained, and experienced police and military veterans to assist us in providing security for the church and for the community as they grieve and recover.

You can volunteer by calling Scott Dunn at 850-209-6348 or Ivan Chiplinsky at 702-810-4066, or by emailing

Team leaders on the ground are 1. Brian Krogmann (Army Ranger veteran and retired Washington D.C. Metro police officer who helped take down the Washington Navy Yard shooter in 2013), 2. Scott Dunn (Ranger School grad, police veteran, and retired trauma nurse), and 3. Army Ranger veteran Ivan Chiplinsky.

We want only “quiet professionals” who are well trained and experienced to help preserve the dignity and privacy of the church, the survivors, and the families of those killed. Expect to be heavily vetted and be prepared to undergo a background check. We prefer Oath Keepers members, but highly qualified non-members may also volunteer.

Please note that Oath Keepers DID NOT reach out to the church or the pastors. They contacted us. Pastor Mark Collins (who used to pastor at the church) is assisting Pastors Pomeroy and Cornelius in dealing with this tragedy. Pastor Collins has known Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes for years and has worked with us in the past. That is why we were contacted to help. We are honored to help in any way we can.

We are working alongside the Texas Highway Patrol, Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, Baptist Child and Family Services (BCFS) (who are in overall command of the scene), BioTech and the Red Cross.

This is a very important mission. Along with securing the church and its events, we will also be training up church security teams for other churches in the area and throughout South Texas in the coming days and weeks. We hope we can be part of helping prevent this from happening again.

Please donate to support the costs of travel and support for this critical mission.