Concealed Carry Recommendations

Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes, along with other members of the Oath Keepers security team in Sutherland Springs TX, takes a few minutes to go through every day carry methods and some advice on concealed carry for church security as well as the need for a “ready bag” or chest rig for rifle, and on the need to improve fitness (we all can do better), and why we need to knock off the rust and get back to being serious about our training. They also discuss IFAKs, back up guns, and the utility of a back up fixed blade knife.

You never know when YOU will be the one called upon to stop a murderous madman, and that call can come at any hour, any day, anywhere. Will you be ready? Make sure the answer is ” YES!”

Get trained, get fit, and go armed.

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The obvious answer is YES, churches need rifles to stop rifle threats. At least that is obvious to those of us who are switched on tactically and fully facing reality. But that is unfortunately not at all obvious to the general public or to most churches.

In this video the Oath Keepers volunteers in Sutherland Springs break down the reality that churches need rifles in the hands of dedicated external security teams to stop threats like this.

The mass murderer who attacked the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, TX used a rifle and he killed at will until a good man with a rifle finally showed up (local NRA instructor Stephen Willeford) and shot him. It would have been better if a good guy with a rifle had already been on church property rather than having to run from a block away, once he finally realized what was happening.

It takes rifles to handle rifle threats. Yes, you can fight against a rifle armed terrorist using just your handgun, and you must do so if that is all you have available, but why would you intentionally choose to NOT have a rifle on hand to stop a rifle threat?

The historic patter world-wide is that terrorists and homicidal, evil mass murderers WILL use semi-auto or full-auto (select fire) military pattern rifles with thirty round magazines or drums, and they do so regardless of whatever gun laws may be in place in any city or nation (witness the full auto AK47s in the hands of the Islamic terrorists in the Charlie Hebdo attack and later in the Paris theater attack – all completely illegal in France, but nonetheless in the hands of the terrorists).

You can keep the rifles hidden, but still nearly instantly available in a vehicle next to you, in a low profile bag or covered with a jacket, and still have it available to respond within seconds to a rifle threat.

And that is what you should do, if you are standing guard outside a church, and every church MUST have an external security team as well as an internal team, and armed patrons. It takes multiple layers of security to do it right, but that well armed external team, WITH RIFLES within reach, is indispensable when it comes to handling rifle threats.

You can also have your team wearing their plate carriers and chest rigs as they sit in a running vehicle, as a QRF (Quick Reaction Force), if you want. Again, they can do so in a relatively low profile manner such as in a vehicle with tinted windows, so they don’t scare the Bambi types.

Oath Keepers will be posting more info on proactive measures against terrorism and active shooters. Please check often for more.