Some hard truths in Denver – Owen Benjamin

This full set and all my livestreams in the relatively near future will be exclusively at so become a member now. Youtube clearly doesn’t want me here and now that we’ve built an alternative I’m very excited to end this dysfunctional relationship. I fought thru the BS with youtube cuz they have a monopoly and I won’t let comedy die. But it was always unnecessarily exhausting dealing with their hypocrisy and open hostility. If you think about it, it’s insanely insulting what people allow this corporate monster to say to them simply because they don’t have an alternative. Well, that is now changing. I’ll still upload here sometimes to reach the people who can’t join unauthorized for whatever reason, but the fact I no longer am fighting a nonstop uphill battle to be able to simply talk into a camera to the quarter million people who want to listen is a massive relief. jMy audience will be smaller but youtube’s giant audience is also full of psychopaths that no one wants to ever have to hear from again, Quantity is never the move over quality unless you are dealing with high fives right after you popped a wheelie on your dirt bike.