Globalists Use Mourning Children To Advance Political Agenda

Owen Shroyer exposes how globalist forces have been attempting to use the kids who died in the Parkland, Florida school shooting to advance their own anti-gun agenda.

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Owen Shroyer lays out the hypocrisy laced within the intentions of the left as they organize and plan a “March For Our Lives” rally in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

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Owen Shroyer provides evidence of the FBI’s obtaining of dozens of warnings and crime tips about Nikolas Cruz prior to his deadly shooting rampage, yet the Bureau chose to investigate Russia.

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Owen Shroyer and a caller discuss the Dick Act of 1902/Militia Act of 1903.

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In the wake of the Parkland, Florida high school shooting, democrats have been calling for gun control legislation ranging from an assault riffle ban to all-out, complete gun confiscation.

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Owen Shroyer exposes the blatant bias exercised by the staff employed by Twitter as they attempt to silence conservative users while bumping liberal points of view to the top of their trending list.