North American Plate in motion – Earthquake + Hawaii Volcanoes Update

Published on May 23rd, 2018 – Dutchsinse See Also: (Dutchsinse) – 5/22/2018 – Hawaii Volcanoes Update – West Pacific earthquake unrest – Pressure spreading Also: (Dutchsinse) – 5/23/2018 – Southern California earthquake swarm – Seismic activity progressing across plates Also: (Dutchsinse) – 5/24/2018 – Multiple

The Next Financial Crisis | Peter Schiff and Stefan Molyneux

While President Donald Trump and elements of the mainstream media describe a strong United States economy – America’s economic future has significant problems on the horizon. Peter Schiff joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the United States’s $21-plus trillion-dollar national debt, skyrocketing unfunded liabilities, federal deficits

The Countdown Begins, The Hammer Is About To Fall

New McCabe emails shows FBI shared info with CNN, the hammer is about to fall. Maduro expels US diplomats. Foreign journalist arrive in NK to witness the destruction of the nuclear facilities. Deep state sends Trump and the patriots a message at Trumps golf course.

European Banks Are In Trouble, It Will Spread Like A Disease

Blockchain is going to revolutionize many industries, one in particular is going to be the precious metals market. Sears is closing more stores and Victoria Secrets/Pink are reporting a slowing in growth. The US and the world is shackled in debt, debt continually rises and

Hawaii On Edge As Lava Reaches Power Plant Grounds

The lava flow entered the 800-acre property of the Puna Geothermal Venture Plant before stalling at a swale about 300 yards from the nearest underground, geothermal well. If lava breaches the well, authorities fear it could release hydrogen sulfide, a toxic and flammable gas. Learn

FBI Spy Embedded in the Trump Campaign?

The FBI planted a spy in the Trump campaign? Turns out that claim is true. But the story is so much deeper than that. Who that spy has turned out to be, is a man with CIA connections who has inserted himself into presidential campaigns

Pompeo’s Bombastic Iran Threats: A Sign Of Weakness?

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo threatened Iran with annihilation in a speech yesterday at the neoconservative Heritage Foundation. His twelve demands of Iran read like the demands made of Serbia in 1914 — they are designed not to reduce tensions but to lead to war.

The Plasco Collapse – Manoto TV – April 22, 2018

On April 22, 2018, Persian-language channel Manoto TV aired a groundbreaking exposé about the demolition of Tehran’s 15-story Plasco Building in January 2017, which killed 16 firefighters and at least five civilians. Manoto TV is estimated to be watched by at least 30 percent of

Keiser Report: Lotus of Perpetual Knowledge

Max and Stacy discuss the slow-motion leveraged buyout of America as stock buybacks reduce the available supply of equity for ordinary Americans to own. In the second half, Max interviews of about sovereign cryptocurrencies and the future of regulatory measures in the coin space.

Q Asks Who Is In Control, Then Shows Us

Devin Nunes says there might be more than one spy. Trump pushes the DOJ to investigate spying into his campaign. IG will not start the investigation. Obama’ s will start to make documentaries with Netflix, they are trying to take back the narrative. Facebook is

The Economic System Is Breaking Down World Wide

Corporations are looking at the blockchain and they are now building platforms to support it.Paypal says they will be looking at cryptocurrencys in the future, they are waiting for it to stabilize. Square cash is now supporting bitcoin and many others are moving into this

From Marx To The Deep State

Matt Bracken joins the Alex Jones Show to discuss the unraveling deep state coup, as well as the metamorphosis of international Marxism-Socialism-Communism into the current open-borders world government movement. See Also: (Infowars) – Democrat Coup Plot Going Down In Flames Matt Bracken joins Alex Jones