Macron: EU Frog Prince Goes To Washington

Nationalism is an illusion & fascist authoritarianism but globalism is the path to prosperity. Tariff equalization is economic war but war sanctions are peace. MAGA is fear mongering but “Make The Planet Great Again” and climate alarmism is saving our grandchildren. David Knight looks at

Keiser Report: Bitcoin Black Hole

In this episode of the Keiser Report from Toronto, Max and Stacy discuss Jamie Dimon’s regrets and the anti-fragility of Bitcoin. Case in point: government crackdowns on cryptocurrencies constantly make them stronger through innovation by necessity. In the second half, Max interviews bitcoin trader and

Kanye Doubles Down: Claims Mob Is Trying To Shut Him Up

Published on Apr 25th, 2018 – Alex Jones See Also: (Infowars) – MSM Wants To Make Criticizing The Media A Hate Crime Also: (Infowars) – The Secret of Kanye West, Trump and Dragon Power Revealed Alex Jones breaks down how the left right paradigm is