Reality Check: Internet Purge of Dissenting Voices?

Is there an internet purge of conservative voices or voices of dissension online? Some say yes, and that the purge is being pushed by several social media companies. We’ve heard about censorship before… but is what is happening now an all-out purge?

Jimmy Kimmel Triggered By Failed Oscars And Trump Tweet

Owen Shroyer presents video clips from Jimmy Kimmel’s late night propaganda program where he throws up words that fell out of Chuck Schumer’s big, stinking briefcase. See Also: (Infowars) – Hollywood Openly Celebrates “The Triumph of The BETA Male” Alex Jones responds to the planned

Seattle Sets Precedent For Illegal Gun Confiscation

Owen Shroyer breaks down the dangerous precedent being set in Seattle, Washington to normalize total gun confiscation. See Also: (Owen Shroyer) – The Radical Left Wants To Destroy America And Blame Conservatives Destruction of America is the liberal agenda. Also: (Owen Shroyer) – Gov. Jerry

Parkland Student Calls Out David Hogg

Parkland student Kyle Kashuv criticizes David Hogg for bragging that he hung up on the President. Will the social media gatekeepers allow the criticism or will it be labeled “bullying” and “harassment”? And David Knight looks at the other tactic, “nobody died”, used to discredit

North Korea Breakthrough? Don’t Tell The Neocons!

After a successful North/South Korea meeting, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un surprised the world by suggesting that he might give up his nuclear program under certain conditions. Will the US play ball, or will the neocons once again block any chance of peace?

Why People Hate Donald Trump

Recently Actor James Woods took to Twitter to ask why people hate Donald trump so viscerally: “I have a liberal friend, a very intelligent man, who hates Donald Trump. He hates him with the kind of insane fervor only a jilted lover could express. I’m