The Fed Never Calls The Bubble A Bubble…Why Not?

The Federal Reserve, by manipulating interest rates and creating money out-of-thin air, produces economic bubbles that must always end in painful economic busts. Have you ever noticed that Fed officials never actually acknowledge any of this? They never warn Americans ahead of time and everyone

Liberals Think Conservatives Are Evil, Is This Media’s Fault?

Jonathan Haidt’s research shows us how liberals are unable to predict the views of conservatives but conservatives and moderates can predict the views of liberals When we look at Pew research about media trust we can see liberals almost entirely trust mainstream media and conservatives

CrossTalk: Bolton War Machine

Is Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton a clear and present danger to America and the world? His saber-rattling in the Middle East, particularly against Iran, should concern us all. We are forced to ask a fundamental question – is Bolton the primary architect

Venezuela Peace Talks Open In Norway; US Neocons Raging Mad!

The last time negotiations were planned between Venezuelan government and opposition forces, opposition leader (and US puppet) Guaido launched his ill-fated coup and the talks were scuttled. Today a new effort, brokered by Norway, is being launched to solve the conflict without further bloodshed. What

Social Media Addiction Is Escalating The Culture War BY DESIGN

Like counts, retweet counts, reply counts, all encourage and reward people for bad behavior. Journalists are being driven mad by Twitter and Facebook, they use formulaic ragebait content to drive viewership and push themselves to the fringe in order to constantly one-up themselves and the

Can We Stop This From Happening?

News 4 A Change – Published on May 16th, 2019 – With all of the escalation in the gulf region can we find a way to stop what seems like the inevitable? See Also: (WAC) – Is The Deep State In Deep Shhhhhh…? Is this

Keiser Report: Big Losses Leads to Great Wealth

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the huge tax losses Donald Trump has claimed making him either a ‘big loser,’ or a very wealthy man. Depending on how you choose to look at it. The ‘little guys’ always pay the

Hillary Cult Connection Confirmed!

News 4 A Change – We give you an update on the latest revelations surrounding the most infamous case in the public right now. See Also: (WAC) – Can’t Believe How This General Contradicted Trump and Bolton The escalation continues in the Gulf. Also: (WAC)

US Abandons Iraq Embassy: Real Threats Or War Propaganda?

The ducks are lining up for the warhawks aiming for Iran. Today the State Department announced that all non-essential personnel should leave the US Embassy in Baghdad. US allies are wondering where are these “increased threats”? Are the neocons about to get their Iran war?

Sweden folds to U.S. pressure, reopens case against Julian Assange

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss Sweden’s deputy director of public prosecutions, Eva-Marie Persson, announcement that the 2010 rape allegation case against Julian Assange would be reopened because there was still “probable cause to suspect” that Assange had committed the alleged rape.

CrossTalk: Anti-War Resistance?

If we ever needed an anti-war movement, it is obviously now. Trump’s hyper-aggressive foreign policy faces little resistance in the mainstream media. In fact, numerous liberal news outlets function as a cheerleaders for the president. Where is the moral outrage? CrossTalking with Medea Benjamin, Walter

The Truth About Vice-Admiral Mark Norman

Why was Vice Admiral Mark Norman prosecuted for so long? Was there political interference from the government of Justin Trudeau? Why did the case against the second-in-command of Canada’s military fall apart so suddenly? Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio takes you on a deep journey

Bill Nye & AOC Just Set Their Careers on FIRE!!

High Impact Vlogs – Published on May 14th, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – WFT!?! PROOF ALL Politicians Work for THIS Sinister ENTITY (NO EXCEPTIONS) Also: (HIF) – Don’t be a PANZY! Are You FOR the 2nd Amendment or NOT??? Also: (HIF) – The FUNNIEST COP

Keiser Report: The Battle for Unit of Account

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the breathtakingly honest assessment of bitcoin by Congressman Brad Sherman of California. The congressman notes that the US derives its power because the dollar is the unit of account and so all trade must

US Special Forces Issues New Guide for Overthrowing Foreign Governments

The 250-page study entitled “Support to Resistance: Strategic Purpose and Effectiveness” was put out by the Joint Special Operations University under US Special Operations Command, which is the Army’s official unified command center which overseas all joint covert and clandestine missions out of MacDill AFB,