CrossTalk on Syria and North Korea: War without a goal?

U.S. president Donald Trump says he wants American troops to leave Syria. The foreign policy blob surrounding him says differently. So, what are exactly Washington’s goals in Syria? Partition? War for war sake? Or a means to sticking it to Iran and Russia? All are

Operation Corner The Deep State, Event Possible

The deep state is in trouble, the puppets are stabbing each other in the back and they are trying to survive what is coming. The criminal investigation is about to begin and they are getting nervous. California will now allow the National Guard in, they

Keiser Report: Healthcare as The New Oil

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the profits of war and ask why defense contractors’ shares have turned decidedly more Dotcom like since 2011. They also look at ‘healthcare as the new oil’ and Obamacare as the F-35 cost-plus program

Pink Floyd Red Pills Their Audience

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria jumps on the bandwagon for Syrian regime change while the conservative MAGA base asks what’s going on with Nikki Haley & her power trip. Then, important cases are before the Supreme Court, with the 8th Amendment hanging by a thread. And, will

This Is How The Entire Market Can Be Manipulated

Yesterday, for the umpteenth time in the last few years, we exposed the clear manipulation of VIX at the futures settlement auction – spiking VIX to favor the record long positioning of VIX futures speculators. With stocks quietly drifting sideways ahead of the US cash

The Starbucks Controversy

Starbucks recently came under fire after employees at a Philadelphia location called the police on two black men for loitering without making a purchase, leading to their arrest for trespassing. Stefan Molyneux breaks down the absurdity of the latest in a series of “racism” political

Zionism & The Gatekeepers EXPOSED – Adam Green

So, who really pulls the strings in Washington DC and in many governments around the world? To a large degree, its a cabal of dual citizens of Israel and Zionists who are beholden to the Rothschilds, and yet some of the biggest names in the

4/20? 10th Amend Success! Nullification Of Marijuana Prohibition

Will we have lawless tyranny from the federal government or revolution & secession? There’s a 3rd way — NULLIFICATION — and it’s what’s happening right now with the states shutting down the unconstitutional overreach of marijuana prohibition. Will we use the principles to liberate ourselves