The Movement Will Not Stop!

In this video, Luke is live from Paris! See Also: (Luke Rudkowski) – Is This The Craziest Gilets Jaunes Yellow Vest Protest Yet? Also: (Luke Rudkowski) – LIVE From Paris With The Yellow Vest Protests

*Video Proof* Recorded Inside Venezuela! Destroys! The False DC Narrative!

Published on Feb 9th, 2019 – Florida Maquis IRREFUTABLE UN-DEBUNKABLE HARD VIDEO EVIDENCE(!)… PROVES *THIS CHART IS ACCURATE! https://2rdrtx4bt29lo91s31mjhkji-wpen… PROVES THESE ARTICLE ARE *ACCURATE(!)…… ~PROVES VENEZUELA IS **NOT** AN EVIL DICTATORSHIP ~PROVES THAT ” EvilTerribleHorrible” Socialism *ACTUALLY WORKS! ~PROVES DC feels threatened

Full Show – AOC Shows Us the UN 2030 Future

Behind the lies, contradictions is the true dystopian UN 2030 Agenda of “Smart Cities”, Paris Climate Accord and a socialist revolution that will be as devastating as Mao’s “Cultural Revolution”. See Also: (David Knight) – SNITCHES! Big Tech, Controlled Media, and Socialist Politicians Work Hand-In-Hand

Big Pharma Nearly Killed My Wife

David Knight explains how his wife had an accident due to pain medication, which caused him to miss the show yesterday… See Also: (David Knight) – Govt is Biggest Polluter & EPA Human Experimentation David Knight breaks down how the EPA was conducting human experiments

Ocasio Cortez Mocked Over INSANE Green New Deal

In her fact sheet released alongside the green new deal Ocasio Cortez stated they would provide economic security for those “unwilling to work,” she talked about eliminating air travel, and “farting cows.” Many democrats and republicans were quick to criticize what appeared to be parody.

Is President Trump Protecting Us From Socialism?

During President Trump’s latest State of The Union speech, he stated that “America will never be a socialist country.” However, America is bankrupt precisely because of the massive Socialist policies that it already has. The president then went on to advocate a few new Socialist

EU elite believe there is “special place in hell” for Brexiteers

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss Brexit negotiation comments made by European Council president Donald Tusk, where the Brussels globalist said, “I’ve been wondering what that special place in hell looks like, for those who promoted Brexit, without even a sketch of

Keiser Report: Are We Back on a Gold Standard?

In this episode of the Keiser Report from Mexico, Max and Stacy discuss central banks on a gold buying spree and what that suggests is in our global monetary and trade policy future. The volume of gold buying has not been seen since 1967 when

Will Trump Be Able To Pull Out?

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the state of the union address by Trump, and how the nation is really doing, as well as the conflicts abroad in the rest of the world. No matter what he may say it

CrossTalk: Bolton Unplugged

As a presidential candidate Donald Trump lambasted America’s endless and wasteful wars. But as president he has surrounded himself with individuals who have made defending and advancing American empire a full time career. Why did Trump cave and what could be the consequences for him

How TV News Manufactures Consent – #PropagandaWatch

You are NOT strange if you are angry about TSA molestation. In fact, you’re strange if watching strangers getting molested doesn’t make your blood boil. That’s exactly why the talking heads on TV try so hard to convince you otherwise. See Also: (James Corbett) –

~Cognitive Dissonance 101~

Published on Feb 5th, 2019 – Florida Maquis – Fundamental basis of all psychological operation See Also: (Florida Maquis) – SOCOM Inserting Forces Into Northern Colombia In Advance Of Major Operation SOCOM in early stages of planning…… Learn the basic techniques of Psychological Operations

Buzzfeed Release on Cohen and Sater

Published February 5th, 2019 – Tracy Beanz See Also: (Tracy Beanz) – OIG Summary Report: Stunning Revelations NOTE: A correction has been made to this report, clarifying Andrew McCabe’s role and surmising who may be implicated outside of him. Read for source material:… Also: (Tracy