Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 3-18-18

Published on Mar 18th, 2018 – TOPICS: Revolution – Trotsky – Peter Hitchens – Brutality of the Soviet System – Different Realities on the Go at the Same Time – Milner Group – Kindergarten – Setting Up World Government – Science Used for Control –

Big New Developments In Lawsuit Against Alex Jones

Alex jones and Lee Stranahan break down how the Georgetown suit is a total act of fiction and why the LEFT are running around in panic mode after McCabe firing.…… See Also: (Infowars) – What The Globalists Behind The Anti-Alex Jones Lawsuit REALLY Hate

A First Look At The DOJ Indictments Against The Clinton Crime Network

Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s statement following his dismissal may have incriminated former FBI Director James Comey, according to George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley.… See Also: (Infowars) – McCabe Firing Puts Hillary On RED ALERT! 3/18/18 FULL SHOW!! Sunday, Mar. 18th: To

Boom, Boom, Boom, Time To Bring Down The Deep State

McCabe is fired he will not be receiving his pension. The unraveling of corruption has begun and will continue, these individuals will turn on each other as more and more facts come out. McCabe might have thrown Comey under the bus and he didn’t even

What Pisses Me Off About The Telford Grooming Scandal

The shocking Telford Grooming Gang Scandal is reportedly the worst in Britain’s history and saw an estimated one thousand girls beaten, raped, and even killed in a city of only 170,000 residents. Horrifying stories have emerged of British police looking the other way, refusing to

The Eye Of The Storm

Dan Kurz from DK Analytics joins me to discuss the record debt level of the US government and the nose bleed bubble valuations of stocks and bonds. Dan says, “We’re in the eye of this bubble valuation storm.”

US Military Seeks Predictive AI to Uncover Enemy Thoughts

I’ve recently been covering the widening use of predictive algorithms in modern-day police work, which frequently has been compared to the “pre-crime” we have seen in dystopian fiction. However, what is not being discussed as often are the many examples of how faulty this data