Roaming Millennial: The Truth About Gun Control

Also discussed; Fat shaming, big media, big tech & more. See Also: (Paul Watson) – How Will Americans React To Gun Confiscation Paul Joseph Watson talks with the Roaming Millennial about how Americans would react to gun confiscation in America. Also: (Paul Watson) – Republican

Boom, The Plan Is In Motion, One Piece At A Time

Paul Manafort’s attorney just moved to have the charges dismissed because Mueller went outside his mandate which was Russian collusion. Boom, the FTC is now investigating Facebook and the investigation will be spreading to Twitter now. Zuckerberg will not hand over information to the UK

Why Outrage Culture Matters | Dave Smith and Stefan Molyneux

The opposition of politically incorrect ideas and intellectually challenging arguments has not only hindered political debate – but the world of stand-up comedy. Comic Dave Smith joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss his evolution as a comedian, the power of speaking previously unspoken truths, the disappearance

Crosstalk Bullhorns: War Party (Extended version)

With the appointment of John Bolton as the new National Security Adviser, should we expect more stupid wars of choice? Trump says he wants success, but policy failures are associated with Bolton’s name. The War Party is again in charge.

Trump Expels Russians – Poison Attack Or False Flag?

Before any investigation into the alleged nerve agent attack in the UK has been completed, the Trump Administration announced this morning that some 60 Russian diplomats would be expelled from the US in retaliation for what it claimed was Russian government responsibility. Did the Russians

March For UN Gun Grabbers Descends On Washington

If a change is going to be made. Whatever that may be. Then it can only be accomplished by a come to the table discussion by both sides of the issue. But the March for Life made it abundantly clear that their developing message is

Stormy Daniels on 60 Minutes

Stormy Daniels appeared on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper to detail her alleged affair over a decade ago with now President Donald Trump. Stefan Molyneux reads through the transcript and does the job the media is unwilling to do by asking the tough questions.