Financial Survival in the Civilization Clash

James Corbett joins Alfred Adask on the Financial Survival program every other week to discuss politics, finance, economics and society. This time they talk about Trump’s plan to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and the next stage of the Clash of Civilizations;

Keiser Report: ‘Manufactured Homes’

In this episode of the Keiser Report from The Durham hotel in North Carolina, Max and Stacy discuss the rising cost of ‘manufactured homes’ – previously known as ‘mobile homes’ – pricing out the poor as hurricane victims and baby boomers vie for limited supply.

Raise Your Frequency – David Dees

Political art illustrator David Dees returns to SGT Report to discuss the ongoing battle between the forces of good and evil on planet earth. Support David by purchasing Vol.3 of his new book of political artwork, available exclusively at

CNN Caught Again: Runs Fake Story About Trump/Russia

Mike Cernovich Catches CNN In The Act As They Run Fake Story About Trump/Russia See Also: (Infowars) – Media Spreads Conspiracy Theory About Trump’s Health Mike Cernovich Shows How The Media Spreads A Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About Trump’s Health

Globalist Insider Speaks Out Against NWO

Ted Malloch joins Alex Jones live in studio to discuss his experience running the UN and how he uncovered the Globalists’ leveraging of US power and money to prop up an unelected, bureaucratic system of government.

Busted FBI Democrats Could Take The Bureau Down!

Talk about the wolf guarding the henhouse. Peter Strzok, FBI Deputy and Russia expert was recently fired from the Trump collusion investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Strzok also lead the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server. We now know Strzok changed the language describing

Another Fake News Fail By CNN

CNN Botched another “bombshell” by misreporting the facts that could have been remedied by actually viewing the documents rather than taking the word of “anonymous sources”