Social Media Throttles “Stop The War”

The globalists who control the social media platforms are doing everything they can to push the United States into war with Syria and Russia. Shutting down and shadow banning anyone who dares to speak out against World War 3.

Get Ready: Missiles But No Investigation – Full Show

“Get Ready Russia”, missiles are coming but no investigation. What’s the plan here? What did regime change produce in Libya? What are the war moves being made by both sides and the reactions of markets? Lee Stranahan joins to look at what’s happening in Syria

IMF Reports That Global Trade Is On The Brink Of Imploding

JPMorgan was busted over bitcoin fraud, raising interest on bitcoin purchases.RBC warns credit is starting to breakdown in Canada. Banks are exposed to the auto subprime market, it looks like the subprime securities crisis of 2008. Mortgage refis tumble, people are being pushed out the

Zuckerberg Suppresses Dissenters In Vietnam, China & USA

Zuckerberg’s version of “taking the 5th” in Congressional testimony was to say “I don’t know, I’ll have my team look into it”. What exactly are his homework assignments that he wouldn’t answer. And when offered a softball question “could you have built this company from

Reality Check: Media Consolidation & News Script Repeaters

A viral video showing news anchors all over the nation reading the exact same words verbatim has people wondering, is this fake news? The promotional content all comes from media giant Sinclair, who owns all of these local broadcast news stations. But is Sinclair the

Cooler Heads Prevailing On Syria? Let’s Hope!

While we did not wake up this morning to news that the US had started attacking Syria — or started WWIII — there is unfortunately no guarantee that by the end of today’s program the bombs will not be flying. That is the problem with

Guide to the Senior Executive Service (S.E.S.)

Is this how they fund the deep state? Many people are pointing to this program, so we take a look at a few government documents, videos, and websites in an attempt to understand what they say this #ses is from a realistic perspective See Also:

Republic vs Democracy

What is America’s true form of government? Is the United States a Democracy or a Republic, what is the difference and why does it matter? This video very clearly highlights the path the United States is on and the inevitable outcome if we do not

Rush Limbaugh Agrees with Alex Jones!

Top conservative political pundits are beginning to sound a lot like Alex Jones. Pat Buchanan, Tucker Carlson and Rush Limbaugh express their concerns that the chemical attacks in Syria may be a series of False Flag events orchestrated by the military industrial complex to drag

Trump’s Madness In His March To War

Today was a fast-breaking news day as the US appears to be moving closer to a massive military assault on Syria over unproven claims that Assad released chlorine gas on Syrian citizens. President Trump Tweeted a military threat to Russia this morning, followed minutes later

Major Evidence Syrian Chemical Attack Staged by US-backed Terrorists

In 2013, Qatari intelligence tried to hire a UK mercenary contractor company to give chemical weapons to US-backed rebels in Syria to stage a chemical weapons attack to be used to justify western military intervention. For more:…