CrossTalk on Middle East: Stumbling into War

Is the Middle East stumbling towards a region-wide war? It sure looks like it. Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal has set into play a cascade of events difficult to manage and control. Does anyone gain from this impending cataclysm?

#Q Drama

My two cents on all of the recent #Q drama. Is this a battle for TRUTH or a battle to divide and conquer an otherwise cohesive TRUTH movement?

We Have Gone Full Circle, Deep State Pushes Agenda

Mueller has been colluding with Russian oligarchs should he be pulled from the investigation. Trump shuts down NASA global warming program. The deep state pushes their agenda, NK cancels meeting with SK and says US must stop military drills. Be on the look out for

The Indicator Of Indicators Is Flashing Red

More and more counties and states are adopting the crypto world, Seminole county Florida will now accept bitcoin for tax payments. Subprime auto loan delinquencies surge.Retail sales growth slows, more stores are going to feel the pain. Argentina is collapsing, the central banks will help

Tariffs & Trade Wars Are Initiated Out of Weakness

The Trump administration is applying aggressive trade tariffs against friend and seeming foe alike in these days of heightened yet manufactured global economic “events, dear boy, events”, to quote former British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. China’s getting the brunt of the tariff abuse, and is

Algorithmic Warfare But 90% Fail Rate Facial Recognition

Google employees resign rather than participate in “Algorithmic Warfare” that turns weaponized drones into autonomous killing machines. Yet biometric police surveillance “matches” fail over 90% of the time. See Also: (David Knight) – Memory Transplant & Autopilot FAILS In Airline & Tesla A successful memory

Problems In China

While China is typically discussed as a robust superpower primed to achieve dominance on the world stage, the country is not without its share of significant problems. Stefan Molyneux breaks down China’s economic problems and the devastation caused by the now defunct “one child” policy.

Soros & DeepState Leverage Election Control

William Jasper, The New American, joins David Knight to look at Soros’ Open Society being kicked out of Hungary and how Soros is strategically funding District Attorney races in a dozen counties that account for 5% of the nations population. Then, will North Korea end

Watch As Google Literally Pushes Panic Button On Alex Jones

Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos infiltrate the Google headquarters in downtown Austin, Texas before employees call the Austin Police Department and ask them to leave the building. See Also: (Infowars) – EMERGENCY MESSAGE: Facebook’s Conservative Purge Goes Live

Cell Phones Turn Cars Into Microwaves Ovens

Alex Jones reveals how powerful, ‘smart’ technology, especially 5G, turns every device it enters into a radiation emitting machine, and if you’re car is connected to the internet, it’s essentially a giant microwave.

Emergency UN Security Council Meeting On Slaughter In Gaza!

May 15th, 2018 – United Nations News See Also: (MoxNews) – BREAKING! NORTH KOREA SUSPENDS PEACE TALKS WITH SOUTH OVER JOINT U.S. WAR GAMES! May 15th, 2018 – MSM News Also: (MoxNews) – Japanese Coverage Of North Korea Suspending Peace Talks With South Korea May

Gaza Violence: Blowback For Jerusalem?

As President Trump’s daughter and son-in-law celebrated the opening of a new US embassy in Jerusalem, some 60 protesting Palestinians were shot and killed in Gaza by Israeli snipers. The US embassy move was sold as a path to peace, but it looks like it