CrossTalk: Memo-mania

The ‘release the memo’ moment is upon us. Republicans are billing it as some kind of silver bullet revealing political corruption at the highest levels of the Department of Justice and FBI. Democrats and their supporters in the liberal media call it a distraction. Finally

The Countdown Has Begun, The Deep State Has No Option

The cabal (deep state) is in trouble, McCabe was pushed out of the FBI, the FISA memo is sitting on the President’s desk ready to be released. Wikileaks reveals according to The Swiss Propaganda Research the corporate media is run by the Council of Foreign

McCabe Caught: Rosenstein In IG Crosshairs

The 4 page memo, shown to FBI Director Wray, resulted in Comey “retiring”. The IG (Inspector General) report may result in McCabe being fired (should result in him being jailed) and also result in the removal of Rosenstein.

Keiser Report: The Jungle

Max and Stacy discuss the ‘fearful Millennials’ finally going long the stock markets because Donald Trump provides ‘a layer of insulation’? Max interviews Jeremy Gardner, co-founder of Augur, about crypto-bros, ICO markets and the future of crypto.

The Real State Of The Union

President Trump will deliver his State of the Union speech tonight. No doubt there will be plenty of “good news” about his first full year in office. But today’s Liberty Report will dig a bit deeper. What is the real state of the union? Tune

New Twilight Zone Pilot Set In Real World

America is divided. Social engineers have brainwashed half the country into believing the President and his supporters are a threat to their existence. But there is a Resistance! The other half of the country begins to rise up in defense of liberty to save the

It’s Happening!

Nancy Pelosi spoke with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, and it was hilarious. Chris actually acted like a real journalist for a change too!

What Pisses Me Off About The “Release The Memo” Scandal

After months and mother of speculation, the inside story on the Russian collusion investigation and intelligence agency spying on President Trump’s political campaign is about to come to light. Stefan Molyneux comments on the deep state and political establishment panic as their high crimes are

Top 3 Perpetual Boogeymen of Government

Governments love to create problems and then impose more tyranny under the guise of being the sole and necessary solution. This is one of the ways that governments around the world continue to grow in size and power.