Milo Yiannopoulos: The Left Has Already Started A Civil War

Milo Yiannopoulos joins Alex Jones live in studio to discuss the antics of ANTIFA, and the leftist, mainstream media that agitates the left into a totally delusional, hate-filled state of being. See Also: (Infowars) – Proof! Leftists Fear Opposing Viewpoints George Soros continues to fund

Solutions: Building Communities

People are isolated from each other, public spaces are being privatized, and we are being punished for attempting to grow our own food. There is only one solution: resistance. Join James for this classic Corbett Report episode where he explores how to build communities through

CrossTalk: #ReleaseTheMemo

We are told a secret society existed within the FBI with the sole intent to undermine candidate and then President Donald Trump. Also we are told the FBI “lost” text messages from members of this secret society. With Russiagate rapidly losing steam, do we now

Trump’s Tariffs: An Answer or New Problems?

President Trump unilaterally erects tariffs, which are a tax on the American consumers. Americans are the one’s “slapped” with the tax, not the Chinese! Instead of denouncing this destructive and intrusive political maneuver, far too many Americans are cheering Trump on as he “slaps” American

Keiser Report: Wild Ride

Max and Stacy discuss the US jobs being added thanks to tax cuts. Max interviews Marco Santori, a lawyer specializing in cryptocurrency, about the latest legal issues in Initial Coin Offerings and other crypto markets.

Erdogan Threatening U.S. As Turkey Invades Syria

The U.S. has long utilized the Kurds in the fight against ISIS. the U.S. state department had planned on training 30,000 Kurds. Causing Erdogan to say he would strangle the effort before it could be born and that the U.S. is playing with Fire. Jon

Leftists Want To Ban Having “Best Friends”

The regressive left’s desire to end personal responsibility and shield people from the consequences of their actions has now extended to children having “best friends” Stefan Molyneux breaks down the recent article “Should Schools Ban Kids From Having Best Friends?” and highlights the lengths the

FBI Becomes FIB: Will They Reform?

There’s a long history of FBI lies, crimes & cover-up with the most recent being Russiagate. But it was just last month that DOJ/FBI crimes were exposed in the Bundy trial. Current FBI Director Wray has rebuffed pleas from Sessions to clean house.

The Secret Medical Memo

Jon Rappoport of reveals the “not so secret” medical memos the FDA has buried over the last few decades that show the damage prescription drugs have done to the American people

Judgement Day Is Coming

The missing text messages have been found. The cabal pushes their agenda to take control of the narrative of the story regarding the memo, calling it a conspiracy theory, the Russian’s did it etc, this will fail.Mueller will speak with Trump under oath to try

Far-Right Subculture

When a bunch of freedom lovers gathered in NYC on Saturday, January 20th, 2018, the mainstream media came up with very “interesting” terms to describe the event and it’s attendees. What else is new, right? Don’t miss the next party, get on the list:

Q: The Second American Revolution is Upon Us

I got a really crappy email from someone I have supported in the past because he thinks President Donald Trump is just playing his role in the grand globalist scheme. I’m tired of the pessimists who have no skin in the game. Those of us

CrossTalk: Wars Without End

Days ago the US Secretary of Defense James Mattis updated and revised America’s global defense strategy. It is a dark vision of the world and calls for massive defense spending. What he calls a defense strategy critics say is a blue-print for wars without end.

Keiser Report: Collapse

Max and Stacy discuss the ‘highly inappropriate pay packets’ for the bosses at a 200-year-old infrastructure company that went down in flames following a very dubious public investment model. Max also interviews Arry Yu, COO of, about the gamified micro-task market where people can

A Secret Society In The FBI?

In this video, Jason Bermas discusses the Secret Society within the FBI as well as the other revelations regarding the investigation into Strzok’s text messages and Donald Trump Russia investigation.

The Foreign Policy Problem Trump Cannot Get Out Of

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Donald Trumps foreign policy problem that is creating a face-off between the Kurds and Turkey and a lose-lose situation for the U.S. Mike Pence and Jim Mattis don’t seem to be