Economic Disaster for U.S. will be Political Disaster for Trump

Peter Schiff on Fox Business 8/14/2019
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Recorded August 13, 2019 from Italy Also: (Peter Schiff) – Hey Art Laffer, let’s go double or nothing on that penny you still owe me!

In 2006 I made a bet with Art Laffer on Larry Kudlow’s TV show that the economy was headed for a crash. He said it was in great shape and that there was nothing to worry about. The stakes were a penny and a note from the loser admitting he was wrong. To this day Art has delivered neither the penny nor the note. Art is once again claiming the U.S. economy is in great shape,. and advocates giving control of the Fed to President Trump to keep it that way. He is a wrong now as he was back in 2008.