Is Silver Finally Joining Gold’s Party?

The Peter Schiff Show Podcast – Episode 484 – Recorded July 16th, 2019
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I will be hosting the 1st ever Peter Schiff Bitcoin challenge live on my Youtube channel on Monday July 15th at 9 PM EDT. If you think you can change my mind on Bitcoin, here’s your chance. Bring your best argument and be prepare to defend it. Also: (Peter Schiff) – Ep. 483: This Time, Rate Cuts Will Backfire

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You don’t cut interest rates in a booming economy, you raise them. Peter Schiff discusses the record highs in the market and economy claimed by Trump and the Federal Reserve, but shows they don’t actually believe what they say or they wouldn’t be cutting interest rates. Their actions suggest they realize we’re actually in a record bubble, and it’s about to burst. Also: (Peter Schiff) – Is Britain planning to seize foreign gold reserves?

Peter Schiff discussing Poland’s attempt to withdraw its gold reserves from Britain, Britain’s refusal to return Venezuela’s gold, and why the U.S. is an even more dangerous place to store gold.