Less supplies and more money paving way for inflation

Peter Schiff and Daniela Cambone discuss #gold, #bitcoin, and monetary stimulus on Kitco news. Recorded 3/11/2020
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Peter Schiff and Jeffrey Tucker discuss #coronavirus #pandemic and it’s effects on the economy. Recorded 3/12/2020
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Market reacted poorly to Trump’s Wednesday night coronavirus address. Today’s historic drop was the biggest since the 1987 crash. Fed’s cure will be worse than coronavirus and fatal for US economy. QE5 coming with more cheap money and artificially low interest rates. CNBC says this is nothing like 2008, but everything about it is like 2008. Jim Cramer proposes the US government suspend collecting taxes, increase all spending — and print all the money needed to pay for it.

Short term noise and illiquidity affecting gold stock. Nothing is a safe-haven on a daily basis.

Bond vigilantes are waking up and the bond market is starting to blow up.

Bitcoin and crypto market crash. CNBC remains silent. The whole bitcoin narrative is blowing up.