Multiple bubbles pricked by same pin

Another huge move down in the markets today. Heavy carnage in the banks as treasury yields plunge. Fed’s days of bubble blowing are over. Next dose of stimulus will be the overdose. Coronavirus may be the pin that pricks stock market, bond market, and bitcoin bubbles.

More bad news expected as the only previously strong jobs market, travel and leisure, starts to suffer from coronavirus. Layoffs will trickle through the economy quickly.

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More bearish technical signs in the market. Fed issues an historic 50-basis-point, inter-meeting, emergency rate cut. Investors are realizing Fed can’t cure the coronavirus or the markets with their rate cuts. Fed’s rate cut is decisively bullish for gold and silver. As the market was tanking, gold had one of it’s best days in a while, signaling more strength ahead.

Who were the gold sellers?

Better to have been early and right, than late and wrong. The Real Crash is coming.

Democrats would rather lose with Biden than risk winning with Sanders

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Bear markets have notoriously big rallies as they fall down the slope of hope. Today’s record breaking 1200 point rally in the Dow may be an example of that. Markets betting on a 50 basis point rate cut to interest rates and more quantitative easing. Part of the market rally likely also due to diminishing chance of a Bernie Sanders presidency. But Biden will also be bad for the markets and he has a greater chance of winning

Nothing goes up in straight lines. Bull markets have notoriously big declines as they climb the wall of worry, which we may have seen on Friday. Gold stock positioned for record highs.

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