Simon Dixon (Bitcoin OG! Banning Cash, Gold, Banking, And Bitcoin’s Future) RCS Ep. 59

Simon Dixon, expert bitcoin entrepreneur, REVEALS PHENOMENAL INSIGHTS! Simon Dixon and I discuss the old days of bitcoin and where it’s headed in the future. Additionally, we take a deep dive into the problems of fractional reserve banking and the unfortunate likely hood the developed countries will ban cash and replace it with a government backed digital currency. The final step to eliminating your freedom. But there is a silver lining, Simon believes central banks will start competing to own Bitcoin and GOLD, which could tip the scales in favor of personal liberty and freedom!
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Robert Barnes, freedom fighting legal expert REVEALS POWERFUL INSIGHTS you need to protect yourself, your family and your financial future in these unprecedented times of SOCIAL UNREST and CHAOS! This was a fascinating conversation where Robert and I take a deep dive into the history of riots in the US, YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS, an actionable plan “B” and much much more! In a crazy environment where your personal liberties are under siege from over reaching governments and criminals, you need to be educated and prepared now more than ever.
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