The Biggest Bubble Ever

S&P has its best August since 1986. APPL and TSLA continue soaring after splits. TSLA rains on its own parade. Zoom zooms. Loot this book. George Floyd died of a drug overdose. McDonald’s sued for treating black owners equal to white owners. Rampant wave of race-based lawsuits on the way.
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Fed changes the rules for inflation target calculations. Markets react to Powell’s announcement. Prices go up when people aren’t working. Majority of middle class will be impoverished Into lower class. Gold’s resistance has become support. What Trump Steaks may teach us about the Trump Economy.
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Good news for Facebook stock is bad news for Main Street. Housing market booms – just like it did before the 2008 crash. Layoffs increasing. Many jobs permanently gone. The voting age should be raised. Happy Birthday Spencer! Follow my son on Twitter @SpencerSchiff David Portnoy bails on Bitcoin and Chainlink. Paul Tudor Jones should be the next big name to bail on crypto. Cuban-American an emotional and heartfelt warning at the RNC. Leaked George Floyd tapes show why it’s so important to wait for all the facts.
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S&P and Nasdaq close the week with record highs. Apple capitalizes on speculator mania with stock split. Weak economy benefits Wall Street and sedates Main Street. Real estate booming, but mass defaults may be on the horizon. Uber shareholders are being exploited, not the drivers. Republicans have philosophically lost the debates. Stimulus works great when it comes to buying votes.
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S&P recoups COVID losses, closing today on an all-time high. Tesla cruises on stock splits driving into the mother of all short squeezes. Traders will sue Robinhood for their losses. Dollar index gets smoked. Warren Buffett knows the inflation tax is coming and he’s trying to avoid it. Never mind the answers, the news doesn’t even have any questions. Bitcoin not making any new highs. Democrat National Convention was an embarrassment to Americans. $2000 gold may look cheap soon.
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Berkshire Hathaway loves gold, bets against the US. Bidders aren’t showing up for 30 year treasury bonds. Food prices soar and this is just the beginning. Fair-weather capitalists claim we’re all socialists now. Socialism is Larry Kudlow’s new credo, now that he works for the government. Warren Buffet is too smart to buy bitcoin. California wants to tax out of state residents’ wealth.
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The definition of inflation the Fed doesn’t want you to know.