There’s No Vaccine for What Really Ails the U.S. Economy

Peter Schiff – November 9th, 2020 – Big moves in all the markets on news of COVID vaccine from Pfizer. COVID vaccine will not be ready soon.

Investors sell stay-at-home stocks and buy the leave-the-house stocks. Gold gets thrown out with the safe-havens.

Bitcoin has the least volatility.

Statehood for Puerto Rico would be a disaster.

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Biden advisor proposes another lockdown; says the Fed will pay everyones’ wages. Is it a Trojan horse for UBI?

No recovery in sight for the economy, only a relapse.

Democrats fight for Senate control through Georgia. Americans in their 70s taking on record debt.

60 Minutes Australia compounds their damages.

PayPal’s Bitcoin adoption is a gimmick.

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Investors having deer in headlights moment.

The light at the end of the tunnel is a Mac truck.

Rally in gold stocks are a small taste of what’s ahead.

Biden has the same tricks to play as Trump.

Biden, like Trump, criticizes the stock market as a candidate and will embrace it as president.

Bitcoin gains, but its popularity doesn’t.