U.S. Treasuries are Junk Bonds

July ends with record monthly closes. Apple becomes world’s most valuable company. Gold settings records. Silver has its best month since 1979. US Dollar has lost better than 99% of its value. Slow orderly decline could turn into rapid disorderly crash. 10 and 30 year Treasury Bonds close with lowest yields in history. This is the 1970s on steroids. Jerome Powell levels up on not thinking about rates. Meals & Entertainment back on the menu for tax deductions. Trump’s Kodak moment is not a pretty picture.
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Euro Pacific Asset Management, LLC is an independent investment advisor focused on providing high-quality, sustainable investment strategies to clients globally. We take a fresh approach to understanding the economy and investing internationally that is not overly influenced by traditional economic views.
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Peter Schiff at The Atlantic’s Economic Summit in Washington D.C. in 2012.
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Gold and silver rise as the dollar falls. Bitcoin getting pumped – watch out for the dump. Don’t go all in on gold. Quantitative easing is here to stay. American’s will be much poorer when the dollar loses its reserve status. Republicans introducing $1 Trillion stimulus bill – Democrats say it’s too small.
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Peter Schiff and Anthony Pompliano discuss the big rise in gold, silver, bitcoin, and crypto. Recorded live 7/26/20
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The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The ADA further disables the disabled. American Samoa was crippled by the Fare Wage Act. Discrimination laws create more discrimination.
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US dollar begins it’s decline. Financial news ignoring the biggest financial story out there. Intel and Tesla move into bear markets. Gold up 50% over Trump’s 3.5 years in office. A brief history of legal tender in the US.
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Peter Schiff with Liz Claman discussing gold, silver, mining, dollar, economy, inflation. July 22, 2020
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Gold prices tease $1900. Big gains in silver, but that bull market has barely started. CNBC oblivious to what this means for economy. Trend broken of declining unemployment. A dollar crisis is much worse than a financial crisis. Wall Street learned nothing from 2008.
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Investor money still piling into at-home stocks. The world is going back to a gold standard whether the Fed wants one or not. Massive moves in silver coming. Traders unwinding short spreads on precious metals. The canary in the coal mine is dropping dead. The coming crash will likely be worse than I ever imagined. New government relief package in the works, but we really need relief from the government. You get less of what you tax and more of what you subsidize. Payroll tax is a tax on jobs. Student loans should be forgiven.
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Why I interrupted Joe Rogan. Are capitalists mean? Dictionaries changed the definition of inflation.
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Gold passes $1800 and reaches all time highs in every currency in the world except the US dollar. China may cut US from trade. China propping up US dollar so US may not be able to buy from anyone soon. 600 financial firms took forgivable PPP loans. Entrepreneurs created the middle class. Biden wants equal outcomes, not equal treatment. Estate Tax is unconstitutional. Big tax hikes coming.
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All indexes in the red today. Closed down college towns is more bad news for banks. Massive support built for gold’s bull market. Gold stock fundamentals continue to improve. Fascism is Socialism.
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Peter Schiff – Jul 4th, 2020
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Air going back into the bubble is fueling Q2’s phony rally from Q1. Spectacular gains in the gold stocks eclipse the gains in the Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P. Gold breaking out and stealing the spotlight from Bitcoin. The dollar privilege, enjoyed by all Americans, is about to go away. When the dollar loses its reserve status, gold will take its place. Congress and the Fed open the door for reparations. The income tax is racist!
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I confused D.C with Puerto Rico when I discussed the number of Representative it would have if it became a state. It would only have one Representative. It’s Puerto Rico that would have five. As I predicted, US stock market continued to be under pressure throughout the week. Financial stocks lead lower by Goldman Sachs. Companies that can’t make money need to go out of business. Betting odds overwhelmingly favor Democrats victory in White House and Senate. House of Representatives pass bill to make Washington D.C. the 51st state. When Republicans lose the Senate in November, they may never get it back. Elizabeth Warren has inside track on Secretary of Treasury in Biden cabinet. Euro Pacific funds made up for 5 years of under performance in 6 months.

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I’m going on the Joe Rogan Experience July 14th. I’m speaking at FreedomFest July 16th. Gold is the last safe haven left standing. Trump an even bigger underdog than he was in 2016.
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Strong signs we’ve exhausted this bear market rally. Dollar and Bitcoin bottoms ready to drop from under them. Real estate sales masking underlying weakness in market. Trump is the Republican Jimmy Carter.
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Powell testifies in front of the Senate. Fed beholden to Wall Street speculators. We are the future generation that has to pay for the Fed’s profligacy. We’re in the lull before the storm. Dollar crash looming. I touched the third rail and the mob has come to get me fired. The bar has been lowered, letting real racists off the hook.