Why Donald Trump Wont Win the Next Election

Peter Schiff on Kitco 7/29/19
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This panel was held on Jan. 20th, 2019. In fairness to Brent Johnson, just about everyone was looking for more rate hikes at that time. I was one of the few looking for a cut. That is why I thought Brent should have been given me odds, but as I was so sure I was correct I bet straight up anyway. Also: (Peter Schiff) – Peter Schiff was Right on Fed’s July 31st 2019 Rate Reversal

Peter Schiff appeared on Fox business on Dec. 17th 2018, and was the first on any major financial network to accurately predict that the Fed’s rate hike two days later would be the last hike of the cycle, and that their next move on rates would be a cut. At the time he made that forecast, no other guest or anchor believed he was correct. He also predicted that the rate cut would be a mistake, and the first step on the road back to zero and a return to QE. Also: (Peter Schiff) – Ep. 488: Rate Cut First Step on the Road to Zero

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