Authorities To ARREST BC Father (Without Warrant) If He Refers To Trans Child As Her REAL Sex!!!

Calling his daughter by her birth name or a “she” can now get him thrown in jail! A BC court has doubled down and has just issued a new court order that states that if a BC dad refers to his own 14 year old daughter by her birth name or with a gender pronoun such as “she” even to a third party, he can be arrested without warrant and thrown in jail. The new order further stipulated not only that he must not discuss his daughter’s sex or gender identity in public, but also that he cannot share court documents describing his own gag order. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the latest escalation by the BC Supreme Court in the case of the state vs a father who now faces potential arrest if he goes against their Draconian order. This is an unprecedented violation on the rights of parents to decide what’s best for their kids as transgender rights are now trumping the family unit at the hands of the Canadian government.