The Battle For Syria – You Were Warned!

For those who have been paying attention we’ve seen this coming from a mile away! The agenda to overtake Syria and Iran have been in the works for decades and there has been an incremental push of propaganda leading us to where we are today with the US, the UK and France on the attack in Syria! This is a video that was filmed over 6 years ago with Dan Dicks of Press For Truth on Press TV warning that the US and their allies are planning on staging a false flag attack in the form of a chemical attack on the Syrian people to be blamed on Assad as an excuse to invade militarily under the guise of a humanitarian mission.

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As more war brews in the middle east what does this mean for the gold and silver sectors? With so much turmoil in the middle east right now at the hands of the US, UK and France as they attack Syrian President Bashar al-Assad many people are looking to cryptocurrencies and/or gold and silver as a hedge in these troubling times, but what will an escalating war in the middle east mean for the price of gold and silver? In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Keith Neumeyer of First Gold Mining about this current situation as well as his gold and silver companies that are aiming to make share holders more comfortable with their assets being held in safe jurisdictions.