Boys Aren’t Girls…PERIOD! Transgender Rights CLASH Prompts School Walkout!

Tensions are brewing over transgender rights in the United States as the reality is now setting in that when it comes to young boys who claim to be girls and they enter a girls change room or bathroom it’s their right by LAW to do so. Last week at a Council Bluffs high school two groups of students walked out of Abraham Lincoln High to have their say on the use of the school’s restrooms. About 20 girls protested the law stating that their privacy is being breached while twice that amount of counter protesters showed up to champion for the state to enforce it’s bias on these girls. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the latest escalation in the girl/boy washroom debate that has outraged a lot of logically thinking people who are fed up with a law that forces them to oblige and pander to the delusion of a mentally ill individual.