Breaking: NEW Legislation Is Being Drafted To OBLITERATE Civil Liberties in Canada Due To COVID-19!!

Just when you thought the Emergencies Act and the Quarantine Act’s weren’t enough, Canadians are now facing even more Draconian measures in the very near future as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the various provinces are currently drafting up new soon to be laws that will give the government unprecedented powers to control it’s population in ways the world has never seen. Arrests for disobeying quarantine orders are already happening in Canada and $1000 fines will soon be issued for anyone who violates the “safe distance” law by coming within 6 feet of another person. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the latest Draconian measures being implemented by the Canadian government as they use this pandemic to obliterate our rights in ways we couldn’t have even imaged. This is not looking good for Canada please share this video if you care about true freedom.
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The state of New York will soon be on strict lockdown with orders for all non essential businesses too close and for everyone to remain inside on quarantine. Meanwhile the national guard has been deployed and the US military is taking the steps now to have their soldiers ready for anything when it comes to dealing with those who may disobey the orders. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Jason Bermas from inside the soon to be red zone in New York about the Draconian lockdown order that has been issue for the entire state, how that will effect the economy moving forward and where he sees this all going in the very near future!
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In a sad and tragic turn of events Toronto based activist Derek Soberal committed suicide due to over whelming fears of the Covid-19 pandemic. The mainstream media’s coverage of this event has caused widespread panic leading to a run on toilet paper and panic food buying. But there’s another aspect to this as well…there’s a great deal of misinformation online that has also caused unnecessary panic, making it difficult for some to separate fiction from reality. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the shocking news that someone he once knew ended up taking their life because fear got the best of him. RIP Derek Soberal. Also: (PFT) –