Canada’s New Impaired DRIVING LAWS, You Won’t Believe What They Can NOW Do Under Bill C-46!!!

It’s official, Canada is operating under a police state! When the police can claim you’re intoxicated without needing reasonable suspicion that you are…When they can come into your home two hours after you’ve been driving and demand a breathalyzer otherwise you’ll be arrested…When they can forcibly take a sample of your DNA at the side of the road without needing a reason, you know it’s official…we’re in a police state and the Canadian government is clearly NOT looking out for the best interest of it’s people. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers an aspect of Bill C-46 no one else seems to be talking about…the mandatory collection of DNA samples with no need for a reason which is Canada’s greatest violation of our basic fundamental rights and freedoms since the G20 came to Toronto in 2010.

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Is Gillette really the best a man can get? Well I guess that really depends on what it is that men want… which according to a new ad from the overpriced razor blade company, men want to be bad, they are inherently toxic and the #MeToo movement should be an eye opener for them all that it’s time for a change. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth takes a close look at the newest commercial from Gillette that attempts to make men shed their toxic masculinity in response to the #MeToo movement all while pointing the finger at the real enemy of society in this situation…third wave feminism.