Dan Dicks Responds To The FACEBOOK PURGE – Internet Bill Of Rights Is NOT What We Need!

Yes Facebook has purged Press For Truth’s main Facebook page with 350k followers and many of our friend’s pages as well but we can’t look to the government to solve the problems that have been created by the government who are in bed with these major tech conglomerates! Moving forward we must not attempt to regulate Facebook into playing fairly but we should rather boycott it all together and focus our energy on promoting alternative platforms that DO support free speech and WONT censor content no matter what side of the political spectrum the views are coming from. Platforms like steemit.com bitchute.com and minds.com for example are great blockchain based social media sites who do not engage in censorship and who support free speech and a truly open free and fare market. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes live on RT International to discuss the recent purging of his facebook page while at the same time providing free market ideals as a solution to the current trend of major tech companies banning political thought and opinion.