Epstein Suicided(d): The Autopsy, The Body Guard, The Paintings & The Judge – What You NEED TO KNOW!

Just when you thought the rabbit hole couldn’t possibly go any deeper, the Epstein case continues to keep the twists coming! New informations reveals an autopsy report that suggests its more likely Epstein was strangled rather then dying from hanging, a former body guard seems to be changing his tune on things he said about Epstein years ago and disturbing paintings give a glimpse into the the mind and style of what Dan Dicks has duped the #PedoElie In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over the latest breaking news regarding the Jeffrey Epstein suicide conspiracy and how all signs and evidence appear to be pointing in the direction of murder rather than suicide.
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The Jeffrey Epstein “suicide” case has new information coming to light by the minute as everyone familiar with the story is currently asking the same question…was Jeffrey Epstein murdered??! Evidence is beginning to point in that direction turning “conspiracy theory” into conspiracy fact! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers some of the latest breaking information in regards to this high profile case which is more and more looking like a murder and less and less looking like a suicide! Also: (PFT) – The Jeffrey Epstein “Suicide” CONSPIRACY Explained in Under Two Minutes!!

Jeffrey Epstein the infamous sex offender, pedophile and friend of the inner circle elite killed himself while awaiting trial in a Manhattan Jail Cell and if you believe otherwise you’re just a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist who needs to be censored! Also: (PFT) – Billionaires Are STOCKPILING Precious Metals on The Brink of A DECLINING DOLLAR!!

Make no mistake, when the dollar crashes and it will, gold is going to see record highs like we’ve never seen before! Some of the most wealthy people in the world are currently buying up as much gold, silver and other precious metals as they can as a hedge against an eventual dollar crash! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Robert Abenante and Dick Walters of Marifil Mines about the current opportunities in the precious metals space that they are capitalizing on in the lead up to this dollar crash and more importantly how you too can protect your assets moving forward as more global financial instability is on the horizon. Also: (PFT) – BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein DEAD From “Suicide” While on “Suicide Watch”!

Jeffrey Epstein has been pronounced dead of an alleged suicide while in his Manhattan cell on the morning of Saturday August 10th 2019. Epstein the accused sexual predator, blackmailer and friend to the inner circle elite died just HOURS after hundreds of pages of court documents were unsealed Friday in New York federal court alleging new details in his case. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with film maker and investigative reporter Jason Bermas about this breaking news, who’s involved, who’s implicated and what the take away should be following this outright “conspiracy”