Fear Mongering About IMMIGRATION?! – Trudeau Government Is Taking This WAY Too Far!!!

A new poll from Ipsos shows that while support for immigration overall is up, concerns about how the system is being run remains. The poll of 2,001 voting aged Canadians was conducted in December and It found that 40% of Canadians think that “immigrants in Canada have made it more difficult for Canadian people to get jobs.” That compares to 30% who disagree and 30% who neither agree nor disagree.
Overall, more Canadians agree with the statement that “immigration has generally had a positive or negative impact on Canada” compared to 32% that disagree and 24% that say neither negative nor positive. In this video Leigh Stuart of Press For Truth breaks down the latest stats on the current state of Canadian immigration policy as well as Trudeau’s claims that these concerned Canadians are just fear mongering with the hopes capitalizing on this issue in an effort to eliminate Justin Trudeau in the fall election of 2019.