This Is The Harsh Reality Of The Pre vs Post Legalization of Cannabis In Canada

The legalization of cannabis is soon coming to Canada but not in a way that everyone seems to think. Behind the scenes the government has been monopolizing the industry while insuring that they won’t interfere with the major pharmaceutical companies. Heavy regulations are shutting down the free market of cannabis while gmo seed and irradiated cannabis are reducing the plants medical benefits and the average medical and/or recreational user of cannabis in Canada will have no option but to buy government weed from government shops with little to no choice over strain options, quality and potency. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth visits Grass Roots Medicinal a cannabis dispensary in Squamish BC that has been providing for patients with love and care and who face being whipped out by the governments “legalization” unless the cannabis community bands together under the Cannabis Growers Of Canada association to fight for a free and fair market when it comes to the legalization of cannabis in Canada.