ISIS Claims Responsibility For Easter Attack on CHRISTIANS In Response To MOSQUE SHOOTING!

The Islamic state has declared themselves responsible for the easter attack on Christians in Sri Lanka this weekend which ended the lives of 321 people. “The preliminary investigations have revealed that what happened in Sri Lanka was in retaliation for the attack against Muslims in Christchurch,” state minister of defence Ruwan Wijewardene told parliament. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth examines the escalating war between Christians and Muslims, where it’s stemming from and what the endgame agenda is while pointing the finger at the culprits who are orchestrating the entire thing…the state.
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The Royal Canadian Mint has unveiled two new coins commemorating 50 years of what it calls a key milestone for lesbian, gay, transgender, queer and two-spirited people in Canada in the “fight for the right to love”. The new coins come in a one dollar loonie version or a pure silver coloured version which bears the words in French and English for equality with a picture of a gay couple kissing. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth takes a close look at Canada’s newest coins and how our feminist prime minister and virtue signalling finance minister are perpetuating a myth that the Canadian government under Trudeau in 1969 single handedly launched the initiative to decriminalize homosexuality.