Before the official death count has been tallied with bodies potentially still smouldering in the rubble, Justin Trudeau took the opportunity to manipulate people’s emotions into accepting new strict gun control laws. The prime minister said: “In regards to gun control, we took very serious commitments in the election campaign and have moved forward — and are moving forward on them — to ensure that we’re strengthening gun control in this country.” In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains why guns are not the problem but in fact the government is, why this new law should be rejected lock stock and barrel and most importantly why the privatization of the entire police force is what society needs to do moving forward.
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In the wake of a viral tweet that challenged the status quo Dan Dicks has been locked out of his twitter account, his website has been taken down and he’s faced parking lot encounters with angry statists who want to fight…all for questioning the extreme measure taken by the government to “flatten the curve” of Covid-19. Meanwhile the liberal government is now attempting to draft up legislation that would criminally punish anyone who they perceive as having spread “misinformation” when it comes to the coronavirus. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth talks about the attacks he’s getting both on line and in the physical realm, why the powers that ought not to be want him shut down and what you as an individual can do to ensure that censorship doesn’t effect your ability to get the information you want to see.
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We are being lied to when it comes to the death numbers coming from Covid-19. Doctors are blowing the whistle on how the CDC is manipulating the data to make it appear as if this pandemic is more serious than it really is. Meanwhile the Trudeau government is telling everyone to stay inside while he and his family go away for Easter weekend, all while drafting legislation to fight “fake news” online. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down what some doctors are currently revealing when it comes to how the CDC wants them to count the deaths, how the narrative of the pandemic is being manipulated and how hypocritical the Trudeau government really is when it comes to lockdowns and quarantines for all Canadians.
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The global economy is crashing, billions of people have been instructed to stay at home and their businesses are on the brink of collapse all because some bureaucrats who make up .000001% of the population decided that this is what’s best for the other 99.99999%. At this stage in the epidemic, the government’s “cure” is much much worse than the disease itself! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Tim Picciott of The Liberty Advisor about the recent announcement by the IMF that we are currently heading to the territory of being worst off than the Great Depression, what the economic ramifications will actually look like and most importantly what people need to do about this in order to get the economy back on track.
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On April 9th 2020 the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau announced that “this will be a new normal until a vaccine is developed”. In march of 2009 Dan Dicks of Press For Truth warned that a health pandemic coupled with an economic crash could bring about a new world order. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to develop there is now talks of mandatory vaccinations, strict quarantine and lockdown orders with enforcement by military. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shows how we’ve been here before and where it’s heading is towards a one world government that has the power to control every single individual on the planet in ways the world has never seen.
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Your home is your last bastion against a tyrannical government run amuck and the World Health Organization is now suggesting the you give that up. A virus is indeed spreading but its not Covid-19, its a power hungry global government that is on the brink of achieving their centuries old dream of forming a New World Order. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media about the idea of the military being used to take people from their homes in an effort to isolate sick family members, where he sees all the going in the next couple of months and most importantly what you as an individual should be doing right now to protect yourself and your loved ones!
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We are engaged in spiritual warfare and the enemy is on the attack. Churches all over the globe are being shutdown due to Covid-19 with everyone being isolated from each other and ordered to stay away from congregating and to stay home! The emotional, physical and spiritual ramifications of isolation coupled with a lack of fellowship in the church body is already having a negative effect on society. But just because church is cancelled that doesn’t mean “the church” is…In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with evangelical YouTuber Mario Brisson about the spiritual ramifications of cancelling church, how this is being orchestrated and by who and most importantly what both Christians and non believers need to know moving forward when it comes to hearing God’s word in this post Covid-19 world.
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We’ve entered into the brave new world of covid 19(84) where big brother is now openly tracking you with your cell phone to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. More and more countries are signing on to this and they’re stripping the privacy rights of their citizens by openly embracing big brothers all seeing eye. But is there a way we can use this same technology against the system in order to empower US? In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth presents an idea on how one can fool the authorities into thinking you are somewhere that you are not simply by manipulating the same tools they are using only to your advantage!